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Home Care

Home care provides a caregiver to visit you at your home on a regular schedule. It can include checking your health, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and most daily tasks needed. Home care allows a patient the comfort of being home and remaining independent. The average cost in South Carolina is around $3,000 per month. Medicare covers eligible home health services like intermittent skilled nursing care and therapies. Homemaker services are not covered by Medicare. Coverage is conditional and only if under a doctor’s care.

Short Term Care

Short term care is typically at a facility. It may be for recovery from a medical procedure or recuperating from a short term condition. It does provide around the clock care. This cost is only covered by Medicare for recovery of a procedure. Coverage is limited to up to 100 days.

Assisted Living Care

Assisted living care is a facility based service. Typically, it is an apartment or a home within a long term care facility. It is an independent lifestyle with skilled nursing services and homecare services available.

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Long Term Care

Long term care is a permanent situation that most likely will not change. Most people prefer to stay at home. When the care needed is more extensive, a long term care facility is selected. Both can cost on average $6,000 per month in South Carolina.

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